The SYSU-OBJFORG dataset

The basic SYSU-OBJFORG dataset contains 100 pristine and corresponding 100 object based forged video clips, all of which are 3 Mbit/s, 1280 x 720 (720p) H.264/MPEG-4 encoded video streams. We have considered to make the SYSU-OBJFORG dataset fully publicly available. However, at present we still cannot to do so due to some privacy issues. Specifically, we still can not get the authorization from the people in the video scenes to use their portraits in public domain. If you need to use the database, we have to ask for your formal confirmation that you agree to abide by the following terms prior to providing you the download link of SYSU-OBJFORG dataset:

1. You can use it in your own research group. However, you are not permitted to use it for commercial purpose, or distribute it, or make it in public domain.

2. You can quote the scenes from the dataset in your reports/papers. However, all the faces of the people in the scenes should be mosaic.

Please send email to if you need to download the dataset.


基本的SYSU-OBJFORG数据集包含100个原始视频片段和相应的100个基于对象的篡改视频片段。所有这些视频片段都是3 Mbit / s,1280 x 720(720p)H.264 / MPEG-4编码视频流。由于一些隐私问题,目前我们仍然无法提供完全公开的SYSU-OBJFORG数据集。 具体来说,我们仍然无法获得视频场景中出现过的人们的完全授权,在公共领域使用他们的肖像。因此如果您需要使用数据库,我们必须要求您正式确认: 您同意在我们提供SYSU-OBJFORG数据集的下载链接给您之前遵守以下条款: